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This channel list was last updated at: Wed May 04 12:27:35 2022 GMT.

Channel Users Topic
#animal-crossing1Animal Crossing New Horizon here! she sheds are known to be a safe haven during times of crisis. - viper
#darkk1Hannah and her Sisters Honey Farm - Hannah and Hildy have been Bee-Charmers for more than 15 years. They invite you to taste their organic honey every Sunday at noon. Coromandel
#Help3Welcome to #Help - Serenity's help channel - Address your questions to nicks with a @ or + by their nick. Please be patient, Coffee machine is broken, Staff response times will vary greatly!
#Last_Resort2Happy St. Patty's Day ..... Lets celebrate and party .... bring your own beer :P
#nintendo3Welcome to #Nintendo. For Nintendo enthusiasts
#serenity8Welcome! Come on in and Chat and Lurk with Serenity Geek Squad! - Having a "smoking section" of the house is a little like having a "peeing section" of the swimming pool, | unwfzxog4zi6crfjcxwbgrxkdde2halgzrft6gbhkzhlgo7onuzlecyd.onion/6697
#triviafun2-=- Last month winners: 1. Rio -> 400 2. Twilight--Zoned -> 100 3. kimmie -> 0
#zelda3Zelda, Nintendo whatever. Please stop in and say hello.

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