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Channels List

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This channel list was last updated at: Mon Feb 17 15:52:01 2020 GMT.

Channel Users Topic
#a-chat4 Welcome to #A-Chat - !hangmanstart - and "!hangman LETTER - !uno for a nice game , !unocmds for commands within game :)
#add-adhd2anything relating to ADHD and/or ADD, and etc. bark bark!!
#animal-crossing3Animal Crossing New Horizon coming in March to your Nintendo Switch in 37 days
#help4Welcome to #Help - Serenity's help channel - Address your questions to nicks with a @ or + by their nick. Please be patient, Coffee machine is broken, Staff response times will vary greatly! Welcome StarChat refugees
#Last_Resort1Scary in The air .... Plane Engine shoots flames out of it !
#lurking2super top secret surveillance home base. 24/7 always watching.
#Nintendo3Welcome to #Nintendo. For Nintendo enthusiasts
#Paradise1Happy Valentines Day!!!!
#randy2meow kwakkk ribbit oink baaaaaaaaa beep!! beep!!
#routing1Current IRCD version: Serenity IRCD Serene5.28 | IRCD is STABLE | Services are STABLE. | We have great servers -=- /join #help for questions on linking
#serenity8Welcome! Come on in and Chat and Lurk with Serenity Geek Squad! - Having a "smoking section" of the house is a little like having a "peeing section" of the swimming pool - Welcome StarChat refugees!
#triviafun1-=- Last month winners: 1. Rio -> 500 2. Twilight--Zoned -> 100 3. Remmy -> 0
#wabbit-chat2kwaakkkkk! meeep!! ribbit the starchat IRC network is ending its existence july 17 2019
#zelda4Zelda, Nintendo whatever. Please stop in and say hello.

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