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Serenity-IRC Staff

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Introducing the staff...


cdicon Server: Aurora.CA.US.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: None Yet

Info Soon

Favorite Quote: "coming soon" author


Burnin1 aka Hunka

cdicon Server: IRC Operator for Aurora.CA.US.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: none yet

A little about Burnin1: An IT guy by day, IRC junkie / DJ by night. Generally nice person unless lied to. I enjoy spending time with my IRC family here at Serenity and working on computers in general .

Favorite Quote: "Say Hello to my Little Friend" - Antonio "Tony" Montana A.K.A. Scarface


darkk-desires aka brat

darkk Server Administrator for Aurora.CA.US.Serenity-IRC.Net
Server Administrator for Nightshade.CA.US.Serenity-IRC.Net
Server Administrator for ChickenLittle.NL.EU.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: Routing, Teaching

A little about darkk-desires: Not great at talking about myself but would say : a fiercely independent, loving geek girl with a tude who loves IRC, Linux Mandriva, my garden, pets, and ones close to my ♥ heart ♥ Nightly you can find me jamming and streaming my tunes on the darkkside

Favorite Quote: Creativity is Inventing, Experimenting, Growing, Taking Risks, Breaking Rules, Making Mistakes, and Having Fun. -Mary Lou Cook


Gator aka TwoWings

Gator Server: Any dang server he wants, cause he is our Net-Uncle

Teams: Policy 64+ year young male :: Blissfully married 35+ years :: Family, Friends, Flying, Fishing, IRC (order varies with circumstance)

Favorite Quote: "Sometimes, I think, there just aren't enough rocks"



Kylus Server: Administrator for Anvil.NJ.US.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: Routing

A little about Kylus: The Lord of Anvils...He Who Will Eat Anything...or maybe I'm just an IRC junkie with a really weird sense of humor. I've been on IRC since 1996, when I stumbled into the IRC Free Form Roleplay scene as Kylus the wandering paladin. Since then I've taken an interest in computer and network security and I work in reality as an INFOSEC engineer for a contracting company. When I'm not being a total geek and /kill'ing spambots with wacky messages, I read, run, watch anime, rock-climb, and watch college football rabidly (go PSU!).



makeup Server: Nightshade.CA.US.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: None Yet

A little about Lancomegirl:  Full time soccer mom "aka glorified taxi driver" and a girl that loves playin in da DIRT, A natural wicked sense of humor. Those who know me well, know what i mean *wink*

Favorite Quote:  "One is very crazy when in love." - Sigmund Freud



Kylus Server: IRCop for MrPotato.NL.EU.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: None Yet

I am actually a LEGO minifig in disguise. Ok, that is not entirely true, I'm not actually in disguise. I have been involved in computers for a few decades, studied programming at school, have done web development for the CFIA, spent too much time tinkering with outdated hardware, and have been online for for more years than I can recall. Currently involved in Land Surveying, I enjoy role-playing games for spending time with friends and relaxing. I also enjoy running around in my Mercedes Smart with a camera, taking pictures of landscapes and other things I see in my journeys.

Favorite Quote: Its dark, very dark... so dark that you are eaten by a grue.



mmmm Server: Global IRCop on Aurora.CA.US.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: none yet

A little about meMYSELFandMAYBEME: MeMYSELFandMAYBEME is not a confused person. Actually, he is, but that's besides the point. Between his normal everyday life of reversing time, saving the universe from really old twinkies, and actually making it to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) when there isn't a line, he actually has a secret life as a computer junkie where he works in a real job (with actual job-doing ACTION!), writes up campaigns (badly) and prose (WORSE), and attempt to fail at keeping sanity at bay. He also likes to tease Caviar because: potatoes are a man's best friend.

Favorite Quote: "What do you mean I have to do a quote? Hold on, did you actually record that? That's not the quote though! Can I redo this? Come on. COME ON!!"


Remmy our NetAdmin

Remmy Server Administrator for CowZone.UK.EU.Serenity-IRC.Net
Server Administrator for MrPotato.NL.EU.Serenity-IRC.Net
Server Administrator for ChickenLittle.NL.EU.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: Coding, Routing

A little about Remmy: A true addict to the finer things in life, being: IRC, whisky and above all buttermilk! I'm a programmer by trade and as such like to work and fiddle with computers in general and Linux in particular. Furthermore, I enjoy reading, quiet time to myself and with my loved ones, and taking things easy. As a result of this, I have taken procrastinating and turned it into a form of art!

Favorite Quote: Reporter: What do you think of western civilization? Mahatma Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea.



Scoopy Server: Server Co-Administrator for Bebop-n-Boogie.IL.US.Serenity-IRC.Net

Teams: N/A

A little about Scoopy: 10 years Military communications, and 5 years so far Civilian Law Enforcement including 911, Digital and Radio dispatch. I am currently a full time college student in the Criminal Justice field. Scoopy is an old dog from back in the early Wildcat IV BBS days before the internet had evolved. I also worked some of the first fiber optic communications via the soon to be internet between Cheyenne Mountain and Space command HQ in Sunnyvale, California. In closing over all I am glad to have finally found Serenity!!

Favorite Quote: "Only the dead have seen the end of the war? - Plato



Seph Server: IRC OP for

Teams: none yet

A little about Storm: coming soon

Favorite quote: coming soon


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